Norfolk Police launch #BobbyTheElf campaign

Norfolk Police have welcomed Bobby the Elf to the constabulary this Christmas. Picture: Norfolk Poli

Norfolk Police have welcomed Bobby the Elf to the constabulary this Christmas. Picture: Norfolk Police - Credit: Archant

Norfolk Police has enlisted the services of a little helper for the festive season.

The campaign will see Bobby the Elf pictured in a variety of different scenarios, which will be shared on social media in order to spread crime awareness messages and promote a safe Christmas period.

While the festive season is intended as a time of celebration, it can often end up being quite the opposite for those who make poor decisions as a result of diminished inhibitions and vigilance.

The indulgent nature of this season frequently results in a loss of control, increasing the likelihood of people becoming a perpetrator or victim of crime.

Craig Miller, chief inspector, said he was hoping the popularity of the Elf on the Shelf could be harnessed to distribute helpful guidance that will help ensure a safe Christmas for everyone.

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He said: 'We know the Elf On The Shelf trend has become extremely popular on social media during the festive season and we are pleased to welcome Bobby The Elf to Norfolk Constabulary to help deliver some very important messages around safety in a fun way.

'The aim of our Christmas campaign is not to try to spoil anyone's enjoyment but to encourage the public to be more aware of crime prevention by highlighting the types of incidents we typically deal with at this time of year.'

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Mr Miller said increased levels of alcohol consumption plays a significant role in crimes over the Christmas period.

He said: 'Alcohol affects everybody differently. It can enhance emotions that lead to conflicts with loved ones and strangers, as well as lowering inhibitions which makes a person more vulnerable or susceptible to criminal activity.

'There are harsh realities to the consequences of excessive drinking and it is important that people know the risks that come with alcohol and the impact it can have on their safety.'

Mr Miller also warned that the festive spirit is not ubiquitous and exploitation is common at this time of year.

He added: 'Unfortunately this time of year doesn't fill everyone with the feelings of good will and we often see a spike in opportunistic theft crime. These can be prevented by taking extra care and attention when out shopping.'

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