Police issue tips to have a good Halloween

Amelie and Alby Barker from Wymondham at the Real Halloween at Holt Hall, with the wands they ha

Police urge trick-or-treaters to be safe and respectful this Halloween - Credit: citizenside.com

Police are asking the public to be respectful of others and keep tricks within the law this Halloween.

Though trick-or-treating can be a fun celebration with children to visit neighbours in fancy dress.

But for some vulnerable or older members of the community, this can be both distressing and alarming.

Chief inspector Ed Brown said: "Please look out for each other this Halloween – it should be a fun night for all, and we want to ensure it’s safe for everyone.

"Some people may find unknown people knocking on their door when it’s dark outside a frightening experience, so if you are out trick-or-treating please make sure you only visit people that you know. This is also important for your own safety."

People can download posters from the Norfolk Constabulary website to display for the public to indicate whether or not they are welcoming trick-or-treaters.

Norfolk Police's tips for having a good Halloween:

· Never go trick or treating alone or split up from your friends.

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· Always check with your parents or carer first.

· Only go to houses where you or your friends know who lives there.

· Stay in well-lit areas.

· Ensure you can be seen by wearing reflective clothing and carry a torch.

· Take care when crossing roads - it may be hard to see so well in a costume.

· Although Halloween is about looking spooky, be careful not to frighten those who do not want to take part.

· Eggs and flour make a mess - shops may not sell them to those aged under-16 over Halloween.

Police are asking those with concerns to call 999 in an emergency or 101 to report a crime or need assistance and it isn’t an emergency.

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