Police make Covid rule-breakers in cars walk home

Police car

Police patrolling Great Yarmouth seafront gave warnings to 11 people travelling in cars for non-essential journeys - Credit: Archant

Eleven people travelling in cars with different households for non-essential journeys were cautioned during a police patrol - with passengers made to walk home afterwards.

Officers from the Road Casualty Reduction Team set up a "check site" around the seafront area of Great Yarmouth on February 4, between around 7-9pm.

The 11 Covid warnings were given to drivers and passengers originally stopped for traffic offences.

Norfolk Police said: "The passengers in breach of Covid restrictions were warned about their actions and educated about the risks involved before being allowed to walk home."

During that time officers clocked up a further 18 traffic offences unrelated to the pandemic, with two cars being seized after drivers were found travelling with invalid foreign licences.

One incorrectly registered foreign car was then asked to pay a roadside deposit: this is where the driver pays a court deposit at the roadside for the offence in case they do not attend court.

Eleven other offences included an insecure trailer load, defective tyres, defective trailer breaks and defective lights - as well as licence and registration offences.

Four people were also reported for not wearing their seatbelts.