Norfolk man punched wife several times to stop her biting him

An argument between a married couple of 17 years about their house being untidy got 'completely out of hand', a court heard yesterday.

Andrew Spurdin appeared at Norwich Magistrates' Court charged with assault by beating of his wife, at their address on Edenside Drive, Attleborough.

The argument broke out on Thursday, 21 July, shortly after Mr Spurdin, 44, had returned home from work around 9.45pm and moaned about the house being untidy.

Robert Warner, prosecuting, said: 'Mrs Spurdin pushed him onto the sofa because she though he was going to hit her and he then pinned her down and punched her several times in the face.

'He fully admits what happens but says when they were downstairs she said 'go on hit me' and 'went mad' and it was at this point he pinned her down and she bit his finger.

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'He says he was trying to get her off his finger and it was at this point that he hit her, and not before, but he is not claiming self defence.'

Mr Spurdin represented himself in court, pleaded guilty and said in his defence: 'It was an argument that got completely out of hand. I want to get some counselling, if I can, to try and rebuild the relationship.'

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Mr Spurdin will return to court on Tuesday, August 23, to be sentenced.

The court also heard a similar domestic violence case concerning a family argument at a home in Becketswell Road, Wymondham, where a man threatened to kill his wife.

Peter Rackham, 60, faced a charge of assault by beating of his wife of 16 years, and was handed a conditional discharge of 12 months.

Mr Rackham has been living in the property's annex as he and his wife had separated but were trying to maintain some sense of normality for their two children, aged 11 and 13.

An argument on Wednesday, June 29, became heated and Mr Rackham - who later told police he had drunk three or four glasses of wine - stormed into the main part of the house and pulled his wife up from the sofa and shouted at her: 'I could kill you if I wanted to.'

- The Evening News launched its Don't Suffer in Silence campaign earlier this year to highlight the problem of domestic violence, name and shame offenders and increase awareness of the plight of victims.

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