Norfolk man jailed for grabbing knife and threatening to kill wife with cerebral palsy


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A Watton man who made threats to kill his 'vulnerable' wife has been jailed - despite her pleas he should be released.

Maciej Schmidt, 41, was 'very drunk' when he returned home and started rowing with his wife who he threatened to kill.

Schmidt used physical force on his wife, who suffers from cerebral palsy, epilepsy and right-sided paralysis.

Norwich Crown Court heard she was pushed to the floor and grabbed around the throat during the incident which left her with bruising to her leg and face and reddening to her neck.

Andrew Oliver, prosecuting, said he placed a pillow over her face but she managed to struggle free, shout for help and call a friend.

Schmidt left but returned later when he again told her he was 'going to kill her'.

He went to the kitchen, got a knife and 'went towards his wife with the knife held up in the air in a hammer-type action saying 'I'll kill you', 'I'll kill you'. The court heard the victim's friends, who were with her, bravely intervened to disarm him.

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When police arrived it took three or four officers to detain Schmidt.

Mr Oliver said the victim had initially stated the relationship was over but now wanted him back and asked that he be kept out of prison as their daughter did not smile anymore.

But Schmidt, of Norwich Road, Watton, was jailed for 18 months yesterday after previously having admitted making threatens to kill, battery and resisting arrest on May 20 this year.

Judge Katharine Moore, who described the victim as 'vulnerable', said 'sentencing is ultimately a matter for the court and not the complainant'.Peter Spary, for Schmidt, said it was a serious matter but he was of previous good character and had pleaded guilty.

He admitted he and his wife had previously pushed each other but that nothing like this had ever happened before and said he was 'not a violent person'.

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