Norfolk man raises £50k for medical supplies for Ukraine

Lyiv and Let Live

Frank's family and friends. L-R: Frank's brother Lyndon, his mum Gail, the daughter of his friends Ukrika, his nieces Claudia and Lilly and his sister Fiona - Credit: Lyiv and Let Live

A Norfolk man is driving 1,200 miles to the Poland-Ukraine border to deliver emergency supplies.

Frank Matthews, who grew up in Norwich and now lives in London, has been overwhelmed with support and donations since he set up a crowdfunding page called 'Lviv and Let Live' just over a week ago.

He has secured more than £48,000 worth of specialist medical equipment and portable generators and is now embarking on a journey of more than four days to the border with a group of his friends.

Frank (L) and Dylan (R) will be driving one of the two vans to Ukraine

Frank (L) and Dylan (R) will be driving one of the two vans to Ukraine - Credit: Lyiv and Let Live

Frank Matthews will be driving his parents' van in shifts with Dylan Williams. A second van was donated by Irob International and will be driven by Giles Oberheim and Mark Lear.

The 39-year-old said: "I watched the humanitarian crisis unfold over the past few weeks with horror and I want to do something to try and help the situation for those affected in some small way.

"The original aim was to raise 5k to drive my dad’s van to deliver supplies. 

"Within an hour it was four of us driving with two vans and we have been able to raise the target several times, our goal is currently at £65K with £48K raised and counting."

Dylan Williams

One of Frank's friends joining him on the drive, Dylan Williams - Credit: Lyiv and Let Live

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Mr Matthews, a career derivatives broker, said his main priority was supplying frontline trauma kits, which can no longer be sourced in Ukraine.

He said: "We are working hard with suppliers to obtain top quality medical kits and we have secured major trauma dressings, combat tourniquets, stethoscopes, field resuscitators, and trauma surgical instruments - all are vital in the treatment of frontline soldiers, but also innocent civilians maimed or injured in this brutal war.

"With hospitals overwhelmed it's vital these mobile kits are made available."

Two of Frank's friends joining him for the journey, Giles and Mark

Two of Frank's friends joining him for the journey, Giles and Mark - Credit: Lyiv and Let Live

"I’m liaising with a Ukrainian team over protocol and logistics for the handover but so far everything is going to plan, I just wish I could personally thank everyone who has helped so far.

"This is an ongoing humanitarian crisis and it's only by people making donations that we can make a difference, so please, if you have any spare change, do keep adding to the fundraising page, as every penny counts.”

You can donate to Lviv and Let Live via its JustGiving page.