Kitten has leg amputated after surviving horror crash

Cat's Protection Downham Market adoption centre Augustus

Augustus the cat who survived a horrific crash in Norfolk - Credit: Cat's Protection

A kitten who survived a car crash in Norfolk when he was just three-months-old is now on the road to recovery.

Despite suffering life changing injuries when he was hit by a car on a road near Bressingham, Augustus survived and is now recuperating before being rehomed.

After being hit by a car, Augustus was rushed to the nearest vet where he received treatment for a fractured jaw, broken tail and a severely damaged front leg — which had to be amputated.

Augustus the Kitten, Downham Market Cat's Protection

Augustus is full of spirit even though he suffered life-threatening injuries - Credit: Cat's Protection

Augustus was then transferred to Cats Protection's Down Market adoption centre, and has since made a fantastic recovery despite his awful injuries, although there is still a long way to go before he is ready for adoption.

Cat hit in Bressingham road, Norfolk

Once recovered, Augustus can find a new home - Credit: Cat's Protection

Adoption centre manager Lindsay Tempest has been caring for Augustus since he arrived.

“He’s such a sweetheart," she said. "He came home with me the first night as I didn’t want him on his own overnight and it’s easy to fall for his charms.

Augustus at Downham Market Cat's Protection adoption centre

Augustus is a playful kitten despite his difficult start - Credit: Cat's Protection

"After all he’s been through in his short life, he’s a spirited little thing. There’s never a dull moment with Augustus.

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“He likes to chat to you and makes his feelings very clear then he thinks we should be giving him more meat and less medicine. He can be quite pushy when he wants a head scratch or more play, but cuddling is still a bit too much so we treat him tenderly.”

Kitten hit in Bressingham road in Norfolk cared for by Cat's Protection

A fundraiser has been launched to help his recovery - Credit: Cat's Protection

Down Market adoption centre have launched a new fundraiser appeal to help support Augustus' return to health, and they hope to raise £1,500 towards the costs so he can finally be well enough to find a new home.

Donations can be made through their JustGiving page.

Augustus is cared for by Cat's protection Downham Market adoption centre

Augustus loves head scratches and playing - Credit: Cat's Protection

Any funds raised over the target will go towards helping other cats in care in Norfolk. 

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