Norfolk Hospice charity event sees people thrown into a “prison” in King’s Lynn

Ten people from across West Norfolk were rounded up by police this week for committing various 'crimes' - all in the name of charity.

The businessmen and women were then detained in the old gaol in King's Lynn until they raised enough money through sponsorship to pay for their bail.

The event was organised by Norfolk Hospice Tapping House in a bid to raise �10,000 and kicked off when local radio station presenter Adam Newstead was arrested by police inspector Dave Buckley live on air just before 9am.

Town criers Tony Francis and Jason Bell then joined in the fun by collecting the other 'prisoners' from around the borough.

The list of prisoners included the hospice's chief executive Richard Shaw, Abbie Panks, marketing manager at the Vancouver Quarter, and Nicki Bowman, from Chives, in Hunstanton.

Bank manager Andy Pomfret, estate agent Gary Davison and Caroline Soriano, from Amberley Hall residential home in Lynn, were also arrested.

Some of the 'charges' participants were arrested for included crimes against comedy and for being addicted to social network site Twitter.

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Ms Panks said: 'Having two police people burst into your office to arrest you on a Wednesday morning is quite an experience but I am very glad that I could be a part of it.

'It was all for an incredibly worthy cause and it was great to be part of the team that has raised this amazing amount of money for Norfolk Hospice.'

Last night, Tapping House, which is based in Snettisham, confirmed more than �9,000 has been raised so far.

The hospice provides palliative care for people with cancer, neurological and other life-limiting conditions.