Norfolk Fire Service put through high-rise training

New recruits were put through their paces in a simulated high-rise fire drill.

Organised by WM Copeland and Thetford Fire Stations the trainee firefighters used hoses and breathing gear to practice moving through the building.

Drills were done in the dark and with their faces covered in preparation for if they enter a building full of smoke.

The teams had to practice using the dry rises located at the base of the building which allows water to be accessed on every floor.

Watch manager, Terry Pinto, said: “The drill was to consolidate our full time recruits who will complete their 12 week training course this week. The exercise takes about an hour and a half to consolidate training so when they go on a run they are of a high standard.

“This training was set up for our recruits and we do this regularly, it was not a reactionary training session, even our operational crews do this.”

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