Norfolk drivers urged to check medication before getting behind the wheel

PICTURE POSED BY MODEL. Picture Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

PICTURE POSED BY MODEL. Picture Jonathan Brady/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Norfolk County Council have launched a new road safety campaign entitled 'Check Dose' to remind people taking medicines to check with their doctor or pharmacist before getting behind the wheel.

Current drug drive legislation is designed to catch people who risk other people's lives by getting behind the wheel after taking drugs, but it also includes some legitimate medicines including some medication used to treat anxiety and depression.

The general advice is that so long as you are following the advice of a healthcare professional and your driving isn't impaired you can continue to drive as usual and aren't at risk of arrest.

Dr Louise Smith, director of public health at Norfolk County Council said: 'The Check Dose campaign will help to publicise the importance of checking your prescribed or non-prescribed medication before you drive to ensure that you are not putting yourself or anyone else at risk.

'Don't stop taking your medicines, prescribed or otherwise, if you are worried about the impact on your driving then talk to your doctor or pharmacist for information about how your medicines might affect your ability to drive.'

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The promotion is part of the Think! Road Safety Partnership team's Fatal Four campaign and is set to run throughout March, advertising the message at key outdoor spots across the county.

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