Norfolk cricketer suffers heart attack at the crease

Martin Wood who suffered a heart attack while playing cricket. Photo: Simon Mower

Martin Wood who suffered a heart attack while playing cricket. Photo: Simon Mower - Credit: Simon Mower

A cricketer who had to be rushed to hospital during a game is recovering following emergency surgery after suffering a heart attack.

Martin Wood, 46, from Watton, was batting for the Saham Toney Cricket Club second eleven in a match against Great Melton at Town Close Field, Newmarket Road in Norwich, on Saturday afternoon when he was taken ill. He was rushed to hospital where he suffered a heart attack.

Simon Mower, secretary of Saham Toney Cricket Club, said: 'Martin was actually 49 not out at the time when he said he felt unwell at the crease. He went off and said he was going to grab a shower because he felt hot and flustered. Then he said had got chest pains. When the ambulance arrived they said he was suffering from a heart attack and that they needed to get him to hospital.'

Mr Wood's son Jordan and brother Adrian Wood were playing for the club's first eleven when news came through that Mr Wood had been taken seriously ill.

Adrian Wood said: 'We both left to go to the hospital as soon as we heard because we didn't know what was happening or how serious it was. They said he had he had suffered a cardiac arrest in the hospital and they had to do CPR using a defibrillator.

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'Martin recognised us but there was nothing we could really do. He actually said to us go back and win the game, so that is what we did.

'He has been making a good recovery since and is sitting up and may be allowed home soon.'

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Mr Wood has been involved with the club since 1998 and has previously played for the first team and captained the second eleven.

Mr Mower said: 'He has been at the club at lot of years and has been a friend of mine for as long as I can remember because I grew up playing cricket with his brother.

'It was a bit of a shock but we're just happy that he is alright. The good news is that he is here to tell the tale. You hear stories like this but you don't expect to get it at your club.'

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