Norfolk couple’s New Year weight loss success

A Harleston couple have lost over 160lbs weight between them after being motivated to shed the pounds by a lack of energy and not being able to get into bike leathers.

David Runicles and Claire Radford decided to join their local Weightwatchers group at Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston at the start of 2012 because David, who weighed 24 stone, was finding even simple tasks difficult, such as getting out of bed or up off the sofa.

His girlfriend found a desire to pass her motorcycling test provided her with the motivation to lose some of the 14 stone she was carrying, despite standing only 5ft 2ins tall.

However, she was heartbroken when she found she was unable to get the women's bike leathers over her thighs and had to wear men's leathers instead, which prompted her to think about her weight.

She passed her motorcycle test in October 2011.

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Mr Runicles said the couple found the Weightwatchers classes, held every Thursday, daunting, but eventually started to communicate more with the other members. Since then, they have shed 160lbs in the space of a year

He added: 'I lost 1st 12lbs in my first week and continued to lose week after week. I have now lost over 100 so far and best of all the weight is still coming off. Not only have I lost weight but I have gained confidence and had more energy than I have had in years.'

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His girlfriend said: 'I'm now 4.5 stone lighter, over 60lbs lost and have lots more confidence and my perfect pair of bike leathers. I feel fantastic.'

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