Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts will support election candidates who commit to anti-cuts pledges

The Norfolk Coalition Against The Cuts organisation has agreed to support election candidates who commit to a number of anti-cuts pledges.

The decision was made by the NCAC following two hours of debate at a meeting last night at the Vauxhall Centre in Norwich – and NCAC also agreed in principle to implement this for the local elections in May.

The four pledges it wants candidates to commit to are:

Campaign and vote against all the proposed cuts to public services and universal welfare benefits;

Champion local services and help local people campaign in their defence;

Support all workers taking action to defend their jobs, conditions of service and the services they provide;

Oppose scapegoating of the unemployed, low paid and other minority groupings for the misery the cuts will mean.

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'We are not going to be in a position to oppose the cuts in the council chamber unless we get someone elected,' said Richard Edward, chairman of NCAC.

The coalition could put its support behind candidates from existing parties who agree to the pledges, support independent candidates who agree to the pledges, or put its own candidates up for election.

The NCAC is a coalition consisting of trade unions, the voluntary sector and political organisations within Norfolk who oppose the current government's policy of austerity.

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