Norfolk’s finest chefs bake their favourite pies to bring in the dough for charity

Diana Foster and Daniel Smith hold their charity pies. Picture: Diana Foster

Diana Foster and Daniel Smith hold their charity pies. Picture: Diana Foster - Credit: Diana Foster

Norfolk's finest chefs have rolled their sleeves up for a brand new fundraising event happening in Norfolk this weekend.

Daniel Smith with Charlie Wilson. Picture: Whoop Digital

Daniel Smith with Charlie Wilson. Picture: Whoop Digital - Credit: Whoop Digital

Pies and Pints for a Purpose is the brain-child of Wells resident Diana Foster, who wanted to raise funds for Prostate Cancer in an original way.

She approached chefs and pie makers across the county, and asked them to donate a pie to the cause.

And Norfolk's chefs responded in force, with Great British Menu star Daniel Smith leading the pack.

The Chef Patron of the Norwich Diner's Club made a monstrous chicken pie for the event in Wells, held on June 30.

Alex Clare with Daniel Smith. Picture: Whoop Digital

Alex Clare with Daniel Smith. Picture: Whoop Digital - Credit: Whoop Digital

The event will encourage men to chat about their experiences or worries with Prostate cancer over a pint and a slice of pie.

Mr Smith's colleagues Charlie Wilson, head chef at The Wildebeest, and EDP Chef of the Year Alex Clare, also made their favourite pies.

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Mr Clare, head chef of the Warwick Street Social and formerly of the Ingham Swan, said: 'My favourite pie is apple and blackberry.

'I have a sweet tooth, and the smell as it comes fresh out of the oven reminds me of Sunday Lunch at my grandparents' home.'

Mr Wilson, 24, said: 'A friend of mine has experiences prostate cancer in the family, and told me it affects everyone.

'My favourite pie is Chicken, Leek and Bacon. The pastry is all about the fat content, I've tried all sorts but the best for taste and texture is 90% lard and 10% duck fat. Be sure not to overwork the dough to avoid the fat separating.'

The event will be held at Ollie's Restaurant in the Edinburgh Inn, in Wells-next-the-Sea.

Pies and pints with a £1 discount will be on offer from 3pm until 6pm, with pies on offer to be bought on the afternoon.

Ms Foster said: 'I always do fund raisers and I thought that we could do pies like we do cake sales for Macmillans. Have a bit whilst your here or buy one to take home.'

Raffle prizes, including a signed picture from Stephen Fry, will also be up for grabs.

For more information, contact 07787418748.

How to make Alex Clare's Apple and Blackberry pie

Sweet pastry:

225g plain flour

30g caster sugar

1 whole free-range egg

1 free range yolk (keep egg white for when blind baking the base)

180g salted butter


•Put all dry mixture into a bowl.

•Dice the salted butter before adding to dry mixture.

•Rub between your fingers until crumb like consistency.

•Add eggs until all combined.

•Wrap with clingfilm and set aside in the fridge until ready to roll out.

Apple and blackberry mixture;

5 Bramley Apples from Our Farm

150g blackberries from Our Farm

2 tablespoons caster sugar

1 vanilla pod de-seeded

1/2 cinnamon stick

1 tea spoon cornflour


•Peel and small dice Bramley apples and halve the blackberries setting aside two or three for garnish.

•Add to a pan with the cinnamon, Vanilla and Caster sugar.

•Cook until al dente

•Add and stir in tea spoon of cornflour (top tip; this helps thicken filling so will help achieve a crisp base)

For the pie base;

• Roll out pastry and blind bake @180c for 20 minutes or until golden.

•Brush over egg white and bake for a further two minutes (top tip; this helps seal the base so no cracks form)

For the top of the pie;

•Roll out an additional piece of pastry for the topping (top tip; flour the bench that you roll the pastry out on to prevent sticking)

To complete the pie;

•Add Apple and blackberry mixture to tart case.

•Place the top of the pie over the mixture and nip pastry with your fingers over the tin.

•With an additional egg, (using the yolk) egg wash the whole pie.

•Bake for a further 20-25 minutes or until golden brown and crisp.

•Allow to cool and de mould.