Campaign urges parents to ensure safe sleeping for babies over Christmas

Image of a young baby girl lying on her back.

New parents have been urged to make sure babies are sleeping safely - at a time of year when routines can be disrupted. - Credit: James Bass

New parents are being urged to heed a new campaign to ensure babies are sleeping safely.

The campaign includes videos which highlight the risks that not keeping routines, drinking alcohol and over tiredness can lead to.

It is recommended that babies should sleep in their own cot, crib or pram for the first six months - and that co-sleeping can be dangerous.

Chris Robson, independent chair of Norfolk Safeguarding Children’s Partnership, said "Christmas parties, visits to family and time off work can all lead to changing routines and unexpected circumstances and making decisions on the spur of the moment.

"We’re urging parents to ensure that they don’t take risks when thinking about their babies’ sleeping arrangements.”

Sian Larrington, head of service for the Norfolk and Waveney children and young people’s health services, said “We understand it is a very difficult and emotive subject to talk about, but unfortunately babies can die when adults don’t follow safer sleeping advice, and this is so tragic for families.”

Advice and videos are at

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