No plans to aid flooding issues at area in Gorleston for next five years

White Horse roundabout

White Horse roundabout - Credit: Archant

Flooding issues in Gorleston has angered locals with one resident describing his road as like living in a third world country.

Torrential rain has caused flooding at the White Horse roundabout five times this year, affecting surrounding homes.

The matter was discussed at Gorleston's area committee meetingGreat Yarmouth borough councillor Bernard Williamson said: 'Those affected by flooding need to make a claim no matter how small - because once you claim, that builds up the evidence.

'Anglian Water does its projects on a five year timeframe, the next five years is already planned in and there's nothing for the White Horse roundabout.'

The problem has been caused by standing water from torrential rainfall spilling into the sewer system. This then sends sewage spewing back out onto the roundabout and onto the lawns and gardens of nearby homes.

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A man who lives on Burgh Road said: 'I can't go out on a Saturday evening if the forecast is torrential rain.

'I go out and put all my covers on my air bricks then I have to sandbag my doors.

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'I live in the modern era, but it's like living in a third world country.'

Great Yarmouth Borough Council leader Graham Plant said the pumping system under the roundabout needs to be replaced so it can take a bigger discharge, something which Cllr Williamson said would cost 'millions and millions of pounds'.

Cllr Plant added that the Highways element of county council were responsible for surface water spilling into the sewage system.

He told residents at the meeting: 'We are working really hard to get all the parties together to remedy this situation as quickly as possible.'

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