Next phase of 850-home scheme ready to start

Construction work of 210 homes at Wheatcroft Farm, Bradwell is well underway.PHOTO: Nick Butcher

Construction work of 210 homes at Wheatcroft Farm, Bradwell is well underway.PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Plans for the second phase of an 850 home project in Bradwell have been revealed.

The second stage of the project would see developers Persimmon Homes build 210 homes.

Construction is already underway to build the 150 homes from phase one which received planning permission last year.

The second phase is currently under a consultation period, and people have until March 18 to contact the council with their thoughts on the plans.

Great Yarmouth Borough Councillor Carl Annison, said there were still concerns in the village about the overall scheme due to the lack of infrastructure.

He said: 'They are building phase one at the moment and I think the overall feeling in the village is that people do not want the homes.

'I am not against new homes being built, but I still have concerns about the lack of infrastructure and in particular the situation with Anglian Water, and the pressures all these new homes will have on the local pumping stations.'

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Mr Annison has previously expressed concerns about the sewage system in the village.

In January, heavy rain caused manhole covers to lift and spill raw sewage onto the roads. It is a problem he said had been going on for 30 years.

Anglian Water previously announced plans for a £2m upgrade of the drainage system in Bradwell with a view to complete the work by July 2017.

Mr Annison said: 'It has been a long time coming and I do hope that Anglian Water can sort out the problems.

'I think people are concerned about the number of new homes and things like water, and a new school have to be sorted out.

'The new link road has been built to accommodate these homes and a lot of people are raving about the scenery and the fields they drive through, but in 15 years time those fields will be full of houses.'

Last year, there was a further application approved to build 130 homes to the south of Meadowland Drive by developers ASD Architecture Ltd.

When the 106 agreement is sorted, planning permission will be formally granted and a decision notice issued.

Members of the public can inspect copies of the phase two application, its plans and other documents submitted with it, at the Planning and Development Department at the Town Hall until March 18.

Anyone who wishes to make representations about the application should write to the council's Planning Development Department by that date, using the reference 06/16/0064/D.

What do you think? Is the housing being concentrated in one area a good thing, or bad for services? Write to letter at

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