Newly-discovered films show some fun times on the Broads

The mysterious films, now owned by Nick South, were found at a car boot sale

The mysterious films, now owned by Nick South, were found at a car boot sale - Credit: Archant

When Nick Sound, a film enthusiast from Norfolk, played some old footage he had received, he couldn't believe what he found.

The two films were shot by a couple in the Broads on their boat during the 1950s and 1960s, showing nostalgic views of the sailboats, cottages and buildings around the area during the time.

Mr Sound's brother, Julian, had bought the films at a car boot sale and gifted them to Nick, who finally watched the films a week ago on his houseboat in Wroxham with a friend.

'We just sat here with eyes a-wonder and we could recognise places – that's Breydon, that's Wroxham, that's Brundall. All these things were coming out on the film. It was amazing,' said Mr Sound, 53.

The mysterious couple on the boat are unknown, but the familiar landmarks in the film are unmistakable.

'It's a bit of social history. You can see people wandering around Wroxham, where the little island is outside the shop entrance. And that almost art deco look with the big arch over Roys, is still there,' he said.

For Mr Sound, the joy in watching the film is getting a glimpse into the past.

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'Some of the must mundane things become very interesting: someone just sitting on a boat going down the river, with other boats coming the opposite way. There are grown men and women on the Broads who would get very teary looking at these,' he said.

Mr Sound has no intention of selling the films. He hopes to add more to his collection and perhaps give the two Broads films to a museum.

'For enthusiasts like me, finding little hidden gems like this, watching it for the first time – it's like a kid on Christmas day,' he said.

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