New speed bumps at Dereham’s Neatherd Moor cause anger

Adam Guerin with the speed bumps on Neatherd Moor in Dereham, which he says is making access to his

Adam Guerin with the speed bumps on Neatherd Moor in Dereham, which he says is making access to his property difficult. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

Speed bumps designed to slow down traffic through a park have been branded an 'eyesore'.

Dereham Town Council has installed safety measures through Neatherd Moor in Dereham to help make the area safer for children, dogs and park users.

The five black and yellow speed bumps are designed to slow traffic down to five miles per hour and have cost just over £4,000 to install on the road which leads up to three properties and land at the back of the site.

People living in the area and who use the park have said they understand the reasons for the safety measures but that the speed bumps are out of keeping with the rural setting of the Neatherd.

Interior designer Adam Guerin, 42, who has to negotiate all five speed bumps to get to his house at the back of the Neatherd, and whose wife is heavily pregnant, said: 'They have ruined the park and are ruining everyone's enjoyment of the Neatherd. There is no disabled access – an old boy who comes on his mobility scooter can't get over the bumps and can't get around them – and it looks like an industrial estate.'

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He added: 'It's a drama to get out of my own house.'

Keith Webb, 62, who lives next door to Mr Guerin, said: 'They are an abomination, ill-thought through and a monstrosity. They are the most pernicious type of speed bump and are out of keeping with the area. I am all for slowing traffic down but there are other solutions and other ways to deal with the issue.'

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In a letter to Mr Guerin, the town council said a petition had been formed, calling for the speed bumps to be put in place. There were 35 names on the petition, the council said. Carol Barnes, who walks her dog on the park, said: 'They are over the top and out of keeping with the rural setting.'

Meanwhile, dog walker Andrew Dawson, 48, welcomed the safety measures. He said: 'The council has done the job properly.'

Town clerk Tony Needham said councillors chose the speed bumps which slow traffic down to five miles an hour over those for 10mph.

He said: 'We had been getting complaints about cars speeding down there – in the interest of safety, the speed bumps had to go in.'

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