New Southwold mayor will lead a special year

WHEN he first donned the ceremonial robes, he became the youngest mayor in Southwold's history.

And as he returns for his fourth term of office, Michael Ladd claims his passion for his community is still as strong as ever and he is ready to lead the town forward during a 'special year'.

The father-of-two, who works for Adnams, will be playing a key civic role for Southwold during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations next month and the Olympic Torch Relay in July.

But Mr Ladd, 57, claims he is equally committed to serious matters in Southwold, including the battle to ensure its unique character, the need to provide affordable housing for young people, and the importance of maintaining good ties with the district and county council, as well as other organisations in the town.

He told The Journal: 'I decided to take another term because it is a special year in the town. We have the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Torch Relay, which I am unlikely to see again in my lifetime.

'My wife Linda and I were both brought up in Southwold, so its particularly special for us.'

He added: 'Every year Southwold brings fresh challenges and because of the type of town that it is, people are concerned and passionate about what goes on here. It is important that we maintain the characteristics that make Southwold slightly different. I want to try and get some affordable housing in the town because it is difficult for young people to stay in the area because of the house prices.

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'It would be good to continue to communicate well with Waveney District Council and Suffolk County Council. Meanwhile, it is important for the town council to form a closer relationship with the Southwold and Reydon Society and the Southwold Chamber of Trade. We are not going to agree on everything but at times we want the same things in the town.'

Mr Ladd became mayor during Southwold Town Council's annual meeting on Monday night.

A civic ceremony to usher in his new term will take place on Sunday with a town procession from 10.30am at the Market Place followed by a service at St Edmunds Church from 11am.

He first became mayor at the age of 39 and served for two terms in 1994 and 1995, before serving a third term in 2006. Mr Ladd's wife Linda becomes mayoress. They have two children, Rachel and Matthew.

The previous mayor, John Windell, now becomes deputy mayor.

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