Hear here! Local audiologists upgrade to dedicated city centre hearcare store

A group picture of the hearcare team at Spescavers on St Stephens Street in Norwich

The team at Specsavers on St Stephens Street, Norwich, is delighted to be able to offer an even better hearcare service than before thanks to the launch of a new dedicated audiology store - Credit: Specsavers

The team at Specsavers on St Stephens Street, Norwich, is delighted to be able to offer a better hearcare service than ever before thanks to the launch of a new dedicated audiology store.
Previously located at 55 St Stephens Street as part of the optical store, the dedicated purpose-built hearcare store has opened up only a few doors down at 15 St Stephens Street – and the team has already been busy helping new and existing customers.
Committed to a £150K long-term investment into Norwich City Centre, Specsavers Audiologists on St Stephens Street boasts a host of new capabilities that means it’s able to safeguard the hearing health of the local community better than ever before.
With increased square footage and based on the ground floor, the new store offers the team capacity to carry out more ear examinations in a quieter and fully accessible environment.

A team member in the new Specsavers Audiologists store on St Stephens Street in Norwich

The new Specsavers Audiologists store on St Stephens Street boasts a host of new capabilities - Credit: Specsavers

Upgraded equipment and facilities, including three bespoke sound attenuated rooms, a diagnostics room and specialist 3D Ear Scanner, allow the store to consult, test and determine ear and hearing health to a high standard on the high street.
And with combined experience of 40 years in audiology, the team offers a broad range of expertise, including ENT, hearing therapy and ear wax removal, alongside routine advice.
With the Christmas season fast approaching, the news comes in good time. Research shows that 52pc of UK adults worry that they are losing their hearing – with a third saying they would rather miss out on conversations than admit they can’t hear, and almost half saying they would avoid social gatherings altogether because of their hearing loss. 
To ensure people do not miss out as the festivities begin, Specsavers on St Stephens Street want to remind customers that they are here to help with any hearing needs.
Lee Palmer, audiology director at Specsavers Audiologists on St Stephens Street, said: “We’re thrilled to have been able to open up a dedicated hearcare store here on St Stephens Street. Thanks to increased space, upgraded equipment and bespoke design, the facility allows us to care for the ear and hearing health of our local community better than ever before – and it comes at a great time.
“Social distancing combined with face coverings make communicating difficult, even without hearing issues. And when we come out of lockdown and people start to reconnect with friends and family over the festive period, even minor hearing loss means that communicating can be extra difficult.
“Fortunately, we can now provide private and NHS hearing services and free, quick advice to the Norwich community, so get in touch if you’re experiencing any problems at all. 
“We’re located at 15 St Stephens Street, only a few doors down from our old store, and we’re here to help everyone enjoy the upcoming festive season and beyond. It’s fair to say we all deserve a good Christmas.”
For any enquiries please call 01603 675 828 or visit the store online at: 

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