New Lowestoft cameras aid fight against crime

A new CCTV camera system for Lowestoft town centre is already proving its worth by recording more evidence of criminal behaviour.

The new digital system was unveiled in May and the cameras on behalf of the district council by Waveney Norse have boosted evidence gathering rates.

In May the new cameras achieved a 55pc success rate in recording footage that was reviewed for evidence by police.

The police carried out 40 reviews with 22 reviews having material that could be used as evidence in court to prosecute criminal such as shoplifters or vandals.

Under the old CCTV system the success rate for material that could be used as court evidence was only 30pc.

The CCTV upgrade saw more than �190,000 spent on a new control room at the Waveney Norse depot in Rotterdam Road, Lowestoft with 17 obsolete cameras across Waveney being replaced with the latest digital software.

Insp Sarsfield Donohue, of Lowestoft police, said: 'Already we are seeing the benefits of the new system, the image quality is far better and we are able to get it supplied to us on digital disc straightaway.

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'It also contributes to reducing the fear of crime and increasing feelings of public safety on our local streets.'

Andy Wilson-Sutter, manager of Waveney Norse, said: 'We are very pleased with the improvement in statistics.

'The new digital equipment has already proved to be very useful in detecting details of incidents much quicker that the old analogue system.'

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