New King’s Lynn bus route made safer for those on foot

Railings have been installed along part of a new bus route, to make pavements safer for pedestrians.

A new bus and cycle way was opened last month, between South Lynn and the town centre.

But part of the new route at Whitefriars, as it nears Boal Quay, is narrow. And there were fears that pedestrians could be at risk from passing buses.

Now metal railings have been installed around a bend where the route narrows, to make the area safer for those travelling on foot.

Officials hope the new route will reduce congestion and air pollution along Lynn's busy London Road.

It's part of a package of improvements to help Lynn's roads cope with increased traffic, which include widening the South Gates roundabout and building an extra lane along Nar Ouse Way.

Automatic bollards at either end of the road - lowered by sensors on board buses - prevent car drivers taking a short-cut to beat the jams.

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Elsewhere along the new route, a curved area of York stone slabs will soon be laid around the historic Whitefriars Arch.

There were suggestions the new road could be called Prince William Way.

But the town's civic society objected as the road followed the line of a foot path called Harding's Way - a name which was also chosen by schoolchildren during a competition before the Royal engagement was announced.

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