New Hethersett base for accident rescue charity

A NARS memeber loads his vehivle with lifesaving equipment

A NARS memeber loads his vehivle with lifesaving equipment - Credit: Archant

A rescue charity will set up camp in the former headquarters of the county's fire service.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) will let Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) use its Whitegates office in Hethersett, which, until earlier this year, was its main base.

In March, as part of a drive to work more closely together and save money, many of the fire service's operations were moved to Norfolk Constabulary's headquarters in Wymondham, though Whitegates is still used as a logistics hub and fire station.

Until now, NARS – which has been helping with emergency care for more than 45 years – has been operating from members' garages and spare rooms.

Paul Strutt, NARS communications officer, said: 'This is a great step forward for NARS. We are a small charity and cannot afford to divert funds from frontline requirements to pay for a commercial premises.

'The premises at Whitegates is marvellous, as it gives us office space, a store, meeting room and training facilities. NARS and the fire service have a long history of working together and we look forward to even closer co-working.'

Though long-term usage of the site is not confirmed, the current plans will see NARS provide refresher training to fire service staff.

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Paul Seaman, group manager and collaboration lead for NFRS said: 'I'm delighted that we have been able to assist our colleagues from NARS to find a more suitable base of operations.

Whitegates was built as a family home in the late 18th century and was commandeered by the National Fire Service during the Second World War.

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