New eco and business training centre open in Rackheath

A state-of-the-art eco and business training centre is now open at the Rackheath industrial estate, near Norwich.

The new �500,000 centre - known as The Cube - will offer a space where schools and businesses can work together, and where youngsters can be prepared for the world of work.

It was built for Broadland District Council by Tilia Properties with the emphasis on ecological features and practices, in order to reduce running costs and environmental damage, and will run a range of BCTS training courses.

Chris Hill, Broadland's head of economic development, said: 'Over the next few months we will be starting to deliver eco-training as well as business training, working with schools in the area to fulfil our vision of linking the world of work with the world of learning.'

As part of the environmentally-friendly project, walls, flooring and roofing were insulated to minimise heat loss and also limit noise levels, meaning that students in the lower floor classes will not be disturbed by sounds from the floor above.

The installation of premium quality triple glazed windows further reduces heat loss, lowering fuel bills. Meanwhile, solar photovoltaic panels sited on the roof will efficiently provide low budget heating and hot water to the centre, while a rainwater harvesting system serving the toilet facilities will lower water consumption, a key point in view of the current water shortage.

The centre in Ramirez Road also has a food technology kitchen where pupils will learn about healthy living.

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Director Nick Hovey said: 'The Cube, as it has been affectionately called, is finished to a high standard throughout and is compliant with all current building regulations while featuring many innovative ecological features. The centre is designed to have lower energy costs than similar buildings of the past.'

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