New details emerge about the logistics of the Great Yarmouth Air Show

The launch of the Great Yarmouth air show set for June 2017.The Twister Duo performing in the sky ab

The launch of the Great Yarmouth air show set for June 2017.The Twister Duo performing in the sky above Hopton.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

Two councillors will join one of the groups organising the Great Yarmouth Air Show, after concerns were raised that residents didn't know enough about the plans.

The launch of the Great Yarmouth air show set for June 2017.The team behind the organisation, sponso

The launch of the Great Yarmouth air show set for June 2017.The team behind the organisation, sponsorship and marketing with the mayor and his wife.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

It was decided that one Labour and one UKIP councillor would join the group at Great Yarmouth Borough Council's policy and resources committee meeting yesterday.

Michael Jeal, Labour councillor for Nelson ward, said: 'My ward is one of the most affected by this and I have nothing to do with it.'

And Conservative council leader, Graham Plant, agreed that although this was not a council-run or council-funded event 'there has to be member involvement'.

He said: 'This is about members talking to the public about what is happening.'

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Two councillors - Barry Coleman and Paul Hammond - are already involved in the management of the air show, but council chief executive Sheila Oxtoby wanted to make clear this was because they sat on the Greater Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area (GYTABIA), not because they were on the council.

She said: 'We could add two members to the officer's group, but we must make the distinction.'

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Councillors were initially discussing plans for organisers GYTABIA to use some council-owned assets during the air show, as more details emerged about the logistics behind the event.

Representatives heard how there would be a park and ride service available to visitors, as well as premium parking on the seafront's long-stay car parks. The premium parking would cost £10 or £25 depending on the day. It's not yet clear how much the park and ride would cost.

And short-stay car parks along the seafront would also close to make room for traders, with those based in the town given priority.

Options were also being looked at to discourage visitors from parking in busy residential areas.

The loss of income from closing the council-owned car parks would be reimbursed by GYTABIA, members heard.

In a report seen by councillors this was estimated to be between £4,400 and £8,000 - for four and nine days respectively - for the short-stay car parks. But it was noted it was unlikely they would be closed for the full nine days.

For the long-stay, it would be between £6,000 and £7,000 over the four days.

Plus, a section of Marine Parade would be closed during the display days to accommodate the estimated 300,000 spectators.

It's hoped the air show - which will be held from June 15 to 18 next year - will give a £10m-plus boost to the local economy.

It will feature two evening and two afternoon display sessions and looks set to be the biggest event ever held in the borough.

Seven councillors voted for the recommendations to approve the closure of the car parks, grant permission to use some council-owned spaces, and note any lost car parking income would be reimbursed. They also noted plans for an out of town park and ride and agreed on the added proposal of the two councillors being added to the officer's working group.

One councillor voted against and four abstained.

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