New charity Baby Bank Norfolk helps more than 100 families in Norfolk in less than a year

Baby Bank Norfolk sifts through donations

Baby Bank Norfolk sifts through donations - Credit: Archant

A new Norfolk charity is celebrating reaching an important milestone after helping more than 100 families in less than a year.

Victoria Huckle, front left, who has started the Norfolk Baby Bank with a few friends, collecting an

Victoria Huckle, front left, who has started the Norfolk Baby Bank with a few friends, collecting and redistributing baby clothes and essential equipment. From left, front row, Ethan Smith, 2; Victoria; Elijah Wood, 2; Sam Carter, 21-months; and Pippa Martin. Back row, Vicky Brooke; Rudy Caley-Brooke, 3; Karyn Mills; Lois Jenkinson, 1; and Victoria Goff. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

The first of its kind in the country, Baby Bank Norfolk was founded last summer by Wymondham mother Victoria Huckle.

It was in response to parents who were crying out for a place to donate their baby clothes, Moses baskets and other items they no longer needed. And in less than one year, the charity has helped more than 100 families in the county who were in need of baby essentials.

Vicky Brooke, Baby Bank Norfolk trustee, said: 'We are really pleased that we've been able to help so many families so quickly and there was obviously a real need for this service. People have been really generous in donating their pre-loved goods and helping us fundraise at our 'nearly new' sales.

'We've been able to help so many people, thanks to our referral partners, and we're keen for more people to know we are here and ready to help.

'There are a lot of families in need of basic baby items for a range of reasons. It may be following an emergency such as a fire or a mum may be making a new start after leaving a bad situation. There are also a lot of homeless families in this region.

'Sadly, we envisage even more low income families will need to access our services in the coming months as changes to benefits that came into effect [recently] start to impact them.'

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The charity distributes pre-loved baby items to families struggling with the cost of buying the essentials needed for a baby, and uses a network of referral partners such as health visitors, GPs, Children's Centre staff and midwives. Run by volunteers, it aims to help at least 200 families this year.

Items which can be donated include baby equipment, clothes, toys and other baby essentials which are clean and meet current UK safety standards

- To find out more about Baby Bank Norfolk, visit the website or find them on Facebook by searching for Baby Bank Norfolk.

Baby Bank Norfolk - What does it cost?

£5 – Buys a large pack of nappies, a baby board book or covers a day's rental of their storage unit.

£10 – Buys two new mattresses for donated Moses Baskets or 24 AA batteries for donated toys.

£12 – Buys 18 packs of wipes or 12 packs of Non-biological washing powder.

£15 – Buys a new bottle starter kit or a cold water steriliser.

£40 – Provides a 'newborn essentials kit' or pays their hall rental costs for one week.

£150 – Pays for their storage for an entire month.

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