‘Nest’ of false widow spiders found outside Gorleston home

False widow found in Gorleston in November (2013)

False widow found in Gorleston in November (2013) - Credit: Archant

A Gorleston man has found what he believes is a nest of false widow spiders outside his home.

Five weeks after a flurry of reports about the false widow was spreading across the UK, 32-year-old Adam Thurtle came across the distinctive looking creature on his driveway in Avondale Road.

'I was heading out to football training and saw what looked like a few shadows on the garden wall and pillar,' he said.

'I'm not too fond of any spider, so I was a little uncomfortable when I saw the first one, and very uncomfortable when I noticed more.'

False widows are not poisonous but have a bite similar to a bee or wasp sting.

In October, Great Yarmouth Borough Council received an influx of calls about the spider and fears spread nationally after one bite victim needed major surgery and an infested primary school was evacuated.

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Residents were, however, reassured there was nothing to panic about.

'I took a photo and compared it to photos of the false widow online, and that confirmed what I'd feared,' added Mr Thurtle.

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'They aren't about during the day, but are active at night which is apparently normal for this type of spider according to what I read online.'

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