Nearly £6,000 raised for Carbrooke baby with incurable brain tumour

Jesse Langford-Daley, with parents Michelle Langford and Anneka Daley. Photo: Gina Manning Photograp

Jesse Langford-Daley, with parents Michelle Langford and Anneka Daley. Photo: Gina Manning Photography - Credit: Gina Manning Photography

Just over two weeks ago, 10-month-old Jesse Langford-Daley was crawling around with his friends.

Now, he is in Addenbroke's Hospital in Cambridge after doctors found he had an incurable brain tumour - and more than £5,000 has been raised to give him the best life in the time he has left.

Jesse, who lives with his parents Michelle Langford and Anneka Daley, in Carbrooke, near Watton, was diagnosed with an atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor (AT/RT) tumour just over two weeks ago, said family friend Simone Hipperson.

'He got really ill very quickly, they thought he had whooping cough but when he was admitted to hospital he went downhill and they quickly realised something was wrong,' she said.

And when doctors at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital did a brain scan they found little Jesse had a brain tumour, and he was rushed to Addenbroke's for surgery which managed to remove 95pc of the growth.

But Miss Daley said: '[The problem is] it's AT/RT and it's in the cerebellum. This is an extremely aggressive form of cancer which sadly has already caused irreparable damage.

'It has grown into the brain stem and partially severed the nerves which control his airway. Jesse's swallow reflex and ability to protect his own airway have been severely damaged, so much so he will never eat or drink again and will need to be fed by an NG tube. His risk of aspiration is huge.'

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She added: 'The facts about ATRT are limited due to its rarity. Doctors have said the required chemotherapy would likely kill Jesse as it would make him so weak that his limited control over his airway would disappear.

'The best way to treat this cancer is radiotherapy but Jesse is too young for this due to the damage it will cause his developing brain. Doctors believe his chance of survival would not even make the low single figures and therefore strongly recommend a palliative approach in order to not be cruel.'

Now, Mrs Hipperson has started a fundraising page so the family have one less stress on their mind, as they spend their final months together.

Already it has smashed its target of £2,000 and more than £6,000 has been raised.

Miss Daley added: 'For Michelle and I, words are almost impossible right now. For anyone who knows us, our beautiful baby boy is our world. We are trying to be so strong for Jesse as he has already been through so much.

'We are so lucky to have so many people's support and our amazing family and friends who have been holding us up for the last two weeks.

'It is without a doubt that this time is going to get more difficult but we vow to make Jesse's life the best it can possibly be.'

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