‘If Norwich can beat Man City, we can beat climate crisis’ says banner at Melbourne protest

A Norwich City inspired placard at the Melbourne Climate Strike. Picture Elliot Spirrett.

A Norwich City inspired placard at the Melbourne Climate Strike. Picture Elliot Spirrett. - Credit: Archant

Norwich City's victory over Manchester City has been the talk of the football world this week and now it is being used in the climate change debate.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have joined demonstrations today calling for action to tackle climate change.

And at the Melbourne Climate Strike, more than 10,000 miles from Norwich, the Canaries' victory over the Premier League champions was used to make a point.

A placard spotted by Elliot Spirrett, who hosts the Hey Brew podcast alongside Mike Jeffcott, said: "If Norwich's $11.7 million squad can beat City's $736 million squad, than we can beat the climate crisis."

Mr Spirrett has no official ties to Norwich but his cousin lives in the city and is behind the Even The Plug Sockets Are Shocked page.

Norwich hundreds of people - including many school children - took to the streets to make their voices heard over the perilous situation our environment is in.

For the fourth time, the city played host to a Youth Strike 4 Climate rally, where youngsters from across the region, armed with placards, signs and chants, sent a loud and clear message to authorities that more must be done to address climate change.

The event was organised largely by young people themselves, inspired by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg who is travelling the world to spread the climate message.

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