Bank says branch still open after 'ominous' sign appears

Nationwide.Front of shop on the Market Place in Great Yarmouth town centre.July 2014.Picture

A message saying the shop had "closed indefinitely" had been stuck up on the building by a member of the public this morning - Credit: James Bass

A bank branch has moved to reassure customers after a member of the public posted a "bizarre" sign outside the building suggesting the store was closed "indefinitely".

Nationwide has confirmed the closure of its branch on King Street in Great Yarmouth is not indefinite - but only until Wednesday, January 27.

A spokesperson said: "Due to staff sickness and the demands of home schooling we've had to temporarily close the branch.

"In the current climate it's hard to get coverage at such short notice.

"I will stress the closure is only until Wednesday while we work through staffing issues."

She added that the sign was actually placed outside the building by a member of the public and not the branch manager - who visited the site to remove it this afternoon.

"We would never put up such an ominous note making people panic like that", she said. "I'm not sure if that person was trying to be helpful or what, but it definitely wasn't an official sign that people saw this morning.

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"It's a bit bizarre."

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