National Offer Day: Nine out of 10 parents in Norfolk and Suffolk land first-choice place

Tuesday marks National Offer Day for children starting reception in September. Picture: Dave Thompso

Tuesday marks National Offer Day for children starting reception in September. Picture: Dave Thompson/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Nine out of 10 parents in Norfolk and Suffolk will be sending their child to their first-choice primary school in September.

Thousands of families discovered where their children would be starting reception on Tuesday, on what has become known as National Offer Day.

This year, 94pc of Suffolk and 93pc of Norfolk children were offered their preferred school, which came as an increase in both counties - up 3pc in Suffolk and 1pc in Norfolk.

After intake rises over the last few years, both counties actually saw a dip in applications - with 7,621 in Suffolk, 299 than last year, and 9,342 in Norfolk, 186 less.

Overall, 99pc were given one of their top three choices in Norfolk, and 98pc were in Suffolk.

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Meanwhile, 97.7pc of pupils moving to a junior school have secured their first preference place.

Sue Cook, director for children and young people at the council, said: 'We have a good track record of offering places at preferred schools and this year is no exception.

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'At a time when many areas across the UK are facing real issues in finding enough primary school places, I am delighted that we have been able to give most parents a place for their child at the schools they want.'

She thanked the admissions and place-planning teams for their work.

What to do if your first choice has been refused

If a preference has been refused, the child's name will be kept on a waiting list for that school until the end of December.

Various scenarios mean spaces can open up and it is worth being added to waiting lists of other schools you prefer.

Information on appealing will be included with your refusal letter, but, if you wish to do so, you must write to: The Admissions Office, 8th Floor, County Hall, Norwich, NR1 2DL, confirming your intention. This must be received no later than May 3. You can also email to

Parents will be told 10 school days in advance when and where it will be heard and they are encouraged to attend the appeal.

Three panel members will make the decision and a clerk will record proceedings, while the school will be represented by a presenting officer.

Parents will be given the opportunity to explain to the panel why they would like their child to attend the school.

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