NARS thanks church group for new equipment

NARS and The Inbetweens with new Oxylog ventilator.

NARS and The Inbetweens with new Oxylog ventilator. - Credit: Paul Strutt, NARS

An emergency medical charity has thanked a church group for enabling it to buy an expensive piece of equipment.

NARS vehicle and equipment.

NARS vehicle and equipment. - Credit: Paul Strutt, NARS

The In-betweens, a social group connected to Wymondham Methodist Church, adopted Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) as their charity of 2017, and raised £4,300 through a number of events.

The amount raised also included funeral donations following the death of one of their members.

The money was used to buy an Oxylog ventilator, a vital piece of equipment that helps sedated people to breathe.

NARS chairman Chris Neil said: 'We are delighted that the Church have raised all this money for us. The equipment will be put to good use on our new response vehicle and it will last for many years.'

If you are involved with a social club and are looking for a speaker, contact NARS fundraising and communications officer at:

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