Meet Nana - The street-wise cat who thinks she’s human! 

Nana the cat with owner Kerry Over, kissing through railings

Nana the cat with owner Kerry Over, in their hometown of Aylsham - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

Popping to the shops and joining her family on a countryside ramble is just a normal day for Nana.

A familiar face in her hometown of Aylsham, she has become known for her friendly nature and antics around town – but she’s not your typical seven-year-old. 

With four sturdy legs, a fluffy tail, and cute whiskers on her distinctive face, Nana the cat has become a local celebrity, as owner Kerry Over, and her fiancé Matthew Rayner, explains. 

The mum-of-three, of Red Lion Yard, describes her as “one of the gang” as she follows the family around on everyday errands. 

“She’s always been a loveable nightmare,” she said. 

Nana the cat walking along Red Lion Street, Aylsham

Nana the cat walking along Red Lion Street, Aylsham - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

“She sleeps for most of the day and curls up on our bed for hours – because we’ve got three kids, she likes to have her time to relax – but as soon as we go to the front door, she wants to come with us.” 

The family, who spend a lot of their time outside, said it was not unusual for them to try to sneak out without Nana, but she is often one step ahead of them. 

Family pictured with Nana the cat in churchyard

Nana the cat with her family, Kerry Over, Matthew Rayner, Oscar, eight, and Caspar, one - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

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“She is very streetwise and will check for cars when crossing the road, and she’ll wait at the zebra crossing in town. 

“Sometimes she’ll get spooked and we have to go back and collect her. 

“But most days she comes with us, whether it’s to town to the bakery or on a four-mile walk around town.” 

Nana the cat walking along a brick wall

Nana the cat has captured the hearts of those who know her in Aylsham - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

A gift from Miss Over's brother, she was originally named Ian before the couple’s son, Oscar, aged eight, renamed her when he was one-year-old. Now, she is also loved by his younger siblings, Caspar, who is almost two, and baby Autumn-Rose, aged three months old.  

Miss Over added: “She’s just our crazy cat who thinks of herself as a person. She thinks she one of us, just one of the gang.” 

Nana the cat sitting on a wall

Nana the cat on Church Hill, Aylsham - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

There has been an outpouring of love for Nana the cat on the Aylsham and Surrounding Areas Community Notice Board Facebook group. 

Many business owners and residents have expressed their delight in seeing her either on the school run along Hungate Street, at the library, in the shops, or the barbers. 

“She also considers the church grounds her garden and likes to play hide and seek in there with our children.” 

Nana the cat with owner in churchyard

Nana the cat with owner Kerry Over - Credit: NEIL DIDSBURY

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