Is your surname on this list? You could inherit a fortune

There are many unclaimed estates within Norfolk Photo: Getty

There are dozens of unclaimed estates in Norfolk. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Here is the most up to date list of unclaimed estates of people who died or were born in Norfolk. 

When a person dies with no will or known family, their home and estate is taken care of by the HM Treasury. 

The government produces a spreadsheet showing which legacies have not yet been claimed by any relatives. 

Many of the names on the list are believed to have been people who died alone and are listed as spinsters, widows, bachelors, or single people. 

If you believe you are related to somebody on the list, you could be entitled to a share of the estate. 

When making a claim on an estate, you will need to provide a family tree showing your relationship and two pieces of identification. 

You may also be asked to send birth, death or marriage certificates. 

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If you are not a relative you can still apply for a grant from the estate if you lived together but were not married, for example. 

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