Mystery surrounds gargoyle discovery: do you recognise these ugly mugs?

These stone gargoyles, found near Great Yarmouth, have puzzled police

These stone gargoyles, found near Great Yarmouth, have puzzled police - Credit: Archant

Mystery surrounds the discovery of two stone gargoyles, each measuring 2ft high.

Police in Great Yarmouth are trying to trace the owners of the large stone statues which officers believe may have come from a church or mausoleum.

The gargoyles, measuring about 2ft in length by 2ft high and 1ft wide, were recently found in the borough, although the police have not released where.

In light of the discovery, Norfolk police are asking church wardens or those who look after heritage sites to ensure they have an up-to-date list of all valuable, historic or individual pieces and to take photographs of them to increase the likelihood of items being identified and returned if they are stolen.

Officers said several artefacts have been stolen since the start of the year, with stone items being chiselled out of walls in some cases.

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Anyone purchasing large stone items, such as busts or statues, in the past six months is urged to be careful and to contact police if they have suspicions about where the items have come from.

Anyone with information on the gargoyles is asked to call PC Jon Silom, Sgt Joe Simon or Sgt Andrew Brown in Yarmouth by calling 101.

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