Mystery surrounds Costessey bridge

It is a much loved piece of history nestled away in the heart of Costessey that has provided safe passage to one generation after another.

But as time and the lapping waters of the river Tud slowly eat away at its foundations a long-standing question troubling parish councillors has once again raised its head- just who owns Red Bridge?

Located on Gunton Lane, the bridge is thought to date back to before 1860 and has become the subject of appeal for information after photographs of missing bricks from the centre structure were sent to the parish council recently.

Not thought to be owned by the parish council or Norfolk County Council, efforts are now being made to find out just who is responsible for it.

Council chairman Vivienne Bell said that work on the bridge, which is occasionally used by cars, could cost tens of thousands of pounds. She added: 'It's a lovely old bridge in a lovely old setting and we would like to get it restored. We've been concerned about it for a number of years, and it's well used by everyone in the parish, but the ownership issue is a bit of a mystery. It's as clear as mud.'

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Not included on land registry records, it is thought the confusion arose with the disappearance of key documents when the surrounding land was transferred to the parish council in 1974.

•If you have any information on the bridge contact the parish council on 01603 742958.

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