My First Car: Flat tyre meant bumpy start to married life!

Ron Lane and his wife, Marjorie, motored into married life in their Ford Popular bought from his fat

Ron Lane and his wife, Marjorie, motored into married life in their Ford Popular bought from his father for £25. - Credit: supplied

Ron Lane bought his first car, a Ford Popular, when he got married but fortunately it was only the motoring that got off to a bumpy start.

My first car was a 1955 Ford Popular I got from my dad for our wedding and paid him £25 for it.

My mum started driving the car but hit a parked car – not too badly – but never drove again. My dad let me use the car before he gave it to me as I was the one who put the petrol in it at five gallons for a pound.

On our wedding day in 1962, we drove out in the afternoon and got a flat tyre but my new wife, Marjorie, and I just thought the roads were bumpy – when we checked the tyre was burning hot.

On another trip to Hastings a tyre burst and we ended up in a farm gateway. Our friend took the wheel to get it repaired but found somebody had cut the wire round the edge of it which made the tyre fail. This wheel had been given to me for helping a friend change a gearbox.

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The car had vacuum windscreen wipers which stopped when going uphill due to the accelerator being hard down.

During the time that I owned the car, the clutch went and a half shaft broke. I drove home with no clutch for 25 miles – fortunately all the traffic lights were green that day.

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At 30,000 miles I put a new engine in it at a cost of £20.

Some years later I sold the car for £25.

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