My brain hurts! What’s the Sheringham link to the official photos of the Monty Python reunion?

The Monty Python team as "Gumbies" - captured by their official reunion photographer Andy Gotts from

The Monty Python team as "Gumbies" - captured by their official reunion photographer Andy Gotts from Sheringham. Picture: ANDY GOTTS - Credit: Archant

Even for a photographer used to capturing showbiz stars, the latest project for Andy Gotts was 'something completely different.'

Photographer Andy Gotts

Photographer Andy Gotts - Credit: Archant

He was the official lensman for the Monty Python reunion event.

And as a filmed recording of the sell-out show from London's 02 arena gets an encore in his home town of Sheringham - it will also a feature a mini exhibition of some of his pictures.

Mr Gotts, who specialises in candid black and white pictures of celebrities from the worlds of stage, screen and sport, said he had taken shots of all the Pythons before - but one at a time.

'Then one day last year I received an email out of the blue from Eric Idle and he basically wrote 'I have a little job for you to do. I cannot tell you anything about the job but I am sure you will like it'.

The reunited Pythons in non-Gumby mode. Picture: Ian West/PA Wire

The reunited Pythons in non-Gumby mode. Picture: Ian West/PA Wire - Credit: PA

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'As I was shooting in San Francisco at the time I emailed back saying I needed a little more info and something less vague as I was on the other side of the Atlantic.

'Eric explained that the 'lads' only met up once in every 15 years to talk about the state of the Python finances and this financial meeting would be the last one (as they are all septuagenarians) - and he would like a few sits of all the guys together for this one last time.

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'We had the shoot in Mayfair and it was such a fun time. They were acting like five naughty schoolboys at a wedding.

'The funny thing is; when you are will one Python the conversation is very intellectual and in depth, but the more Pythons that are in the group the more they when all five are together they are little one giggling mess.'

'The next day Eric phoned Andy and hurriedly as told me not to show the photos to anyone nor to mention the shoot to anyone as they had an idea.

'He told me of the idea of the Python swan song at the O2, and this idea and the photographs had to be kept top secret.

'So for six months I was not allowed to tell a soul of this magical historic event that was going to happen, nor my amazing photo shoot.'

The photo shoot included a session when all the gang dressed as stupid Gumby characters which provided 'the 'pinch me moment' of my life,' said Mr Gotts.

'It was just me in the room with them and they were addressing me as their characters. Things like 'Andy, my brain hurts', and 'what's an Andy?', Amazing!'

Mr Gotts said he was happy to support the re-showing of the filmed 'live' Python show - first aired in July - at the Little Theatre in his family's home town.

See the film show, at 7pm on Saturday, and the mini exhibition in the Hub area all weekend. Film ticket details on 01263 822347.

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