Muslims of Norwich speak out at anti-war rally calling for Government to target ISIS’ funding

Anti-war rally in Norwich on Saturday. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Anti-war rally in Norwich on Saturday. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

The message that Muslims should not have to apologise for the actions of extremists was met by cheers at an anti-war rally in Norwich.

Dr Ian Gibson speaking at the anti-war rally in Norwich on Saturday.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Dr Ian Gibson speaking at the anti-war rally in Norwich on Saturday.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Nick O'Brien, chair of the Norwich Stop The War Coalition, made the comments during a protest opposing plans to bomb Syria.

Organisations from across the region were at the Haymarket supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's decision not to back the proposals and were calling for the cycle of war to stop by instead cutting off the funding of the group known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis).

Muslims of Norwich was another group at the event on Saturday calling for the world to boycott the extremist group.

Muhammad Franklin, a member of Muslims of Norwich, said: 'They are our common enemy, but because they wave their false flags we must condemn them and react after every single attack. This call goes beyond condemning each act or their ideology and beyond condemning them as people, it condemns a network of funding that is facilitating their campaign of violence.'

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Jamal Sealey, head of community at Muslims of Norwich, said: 'We are here to raise awareness that we want to boycott Isis, some people think we have other motives but this is a way of letting people know who are busy shopping and who are not really aware of what is really going on. We are here to show community and togetherness.'

The event on Saturday gathered large crowds as shoppers stopped to listen to a host of speakers from groups including Stop War and Norfolk's People's Assembly.

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Erupting with cheers, some members of the growing crowd opposite Primark were holding placards reading 'don't bomb Syria'.

Mr O'Brien added: 'We know people want to do something but war isn't the answer. We have pursued this cycle of war for years and we are no safer now, If anything we are less safe. We aren't talking about sitting down and having tea with Isis, but we should look at how Isis is funded and push a political change in the area.'

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