Mural painter in Hemsby taken ill

Hemsby village sign.Picture: James Bass

Hemsby village sign.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2012

A bid to paint a colourful mural at Hemsby Gap to promote the local area took at hit at the weekend, after the painter was taken ill.

A small fun day with music was planned for July 31, while a graffiti artist created the mural on the side of the old first aid building.

But a spanner was put in the works when the artist was taken ill soon after he had started the masterpiece.

Noel Galer, from Save Hemsby Coastline who helped organise the mural, said the painter had managed to complete some of the sky on the mural before he was taken ill.

He said: 'I thought he may have had a problem with his medication or the fumes in the paint. But he came over a bit funny and the lifeboat guys were very good. They gave him first aid before an ambulance came and he was taken to hospital, I think he's still in there.'

Mr Galer said the mural hadn't got very far but they were now waiting to see how the artist was before they went any further.

He added the idea had first come around to do something to tidy up the old building.

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He said: 'I got in touch with the borough council and they granted us a licence for everyone to be happy that we could board it up and paint on it. It would give a bit of publicity and to brighten up the beach. The boards have not been up very long.'

The mural was set to feature well-known elements of the village, such as including the lifeboat.

He added: 'We will make it happen, we just have to see how it goes.'

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