Five-year-old spends year’s worth of pocket money on gifts for other children

Emily Cooper Clarke, five, from Mundesley, spent her pocket money which she saved for a year on gift

Emily Cooper Clarke, five, from Mundesley, spent her pocket money which she saved for a year on gifts for children at Leeway refuges. Picture: Leeway - Credit: Leeway

After toiling away the entire year, making her bed and cleaning her room, five-year-old Emily Cooper Clarke saved a whopping £50 in pocket money, just in time for Christmas.

For any child, £50 is akin to winning the Lotto jackpot which could buy you a year's supply of chocolate or the entire Shopkins collection, making you the envy of the school.

But when her parents Steven, 44, and Kate Clarke, 43, and brother Ewan Clarke, 16, of Collingwood Drive, Mundesley, asked her what she wanted to buy for herself, the youngster said she wanted nothing.

Instead, Emily wanted to spend the money on gifts, food and toys to donate to children who would otherwise get little or nothing this Christmas.

'She always wants to help others,' said police officer Mr Clarke. 'It's such a lovely idea and it's all her own.

'She was taught about Christmas being a time for giving and she wanted everybody to have a good Christmas.'

Mr Clarke decided for the gifts to be donated to Norwich-based charity Leeway, which supports adults, young people and children who are experiencing domestic abuse in Norfolk and Suffolk.

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'With my job, I have seen what it's like and how deserving the charity is in receiving any gifts,' Mr Clarke said.

Emily and her mum went on several trips to the supermarket to gather food and toys to be distributed to the Leeway refuges.

She based her choices on what she would like to receive herself and also thought about what a family would need as well.

Mrs Clarke said: 'She really thought about what they would have for breakfast and needing toothbrushes and toothpaste. 'For her, the whole idea was she wanted to make sure a child would have a mummy and daddy like her to grow up with.

'She really is kind and a lovely girl, she has a good heart.'

Mandy Proctor, chief executive at Leeway, said: 'We were all really touched that Emily had saved up her pocket money throughout the year so that she could help other children her age to have an enjoyable Christmas.

'This is such a difficult time for many children that we support as they may have arrived at refuge with very few personal belongings or toys.

'We are really grateful for the generosity of Emily and her donations will be really appreciated by children at refuge.'