Mummy Trail in Swaffham will celebrate 90th anniversary of Tutankhamen tomb discovery

Swaffham Museum has announced plans for an Ancient Egyptian festival to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen by one of the town's most famous sons.

Archaeologist Howard Carter found the site in the Valley of the Kings, near Luxor, on November 4 1922 after many seasons of expeditions, inspiring global interest in the ancient civilisation.

The festival, organised jointly with the Iceni Partnership, aims to provide educational value as well as fun for children and adults alike.

The event will include a Mummy Trail around the town, a unique twist on scarecrow festivals, with local groups, clubs and businesses challenged to create an Egyptian-style mummy out of whatever materials they want to use.

The festival will also be linked to Swaffham Rotary's visual arts festival, which will be held a month earlier, in October.

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Kate Francis, from the Iceni Partnership, said: 'This will be Swaffham's version of the very popular scarecrow festivals that have sprung up around the country over the last few years, and is something that we hope will become an annual fixture for the town.'

To register your group, club or business for the Swaffham Mummy Challenge, contact Kate Francis on 01760 722800.

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