Mum spots UFO off Great Yarmouth coast

A MUM has reported a mysterious encounter with a UFO after she spotted a 'strange light' over Great Yarmouth.

Vanda James has woken up three times this week to see the 'bright, golden light' hovering over the sea to the east of her home in Southtown.

The 53 year old first spotted the light in the early hours of Sunday morning and then again on Monday and Tuesday (yesterday).

She said: 'I woke up early about 1.40am and what alerted me was how bright it was. It was a yellowy, golden (colour), I thought 'that looks like a planet' but what was really odd was the way these waves (of light) came out of it, they were almost curved.

'I sat in bed watching it and it didn't move. It hung about for a long time, 40 minutes or more, and then it suddenly shot backwards, it disappeared within seconds. That was Saturday night.

'On Monday I woke up at the same time and there were two and last night (Tuesday) the same thing again but just one.'

Ms James' sighting follows a report of a UFO being spotted off the coast at Cromer.

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Andrew Cochran saw a bright white and blue light near the north Norfolk resort at around 8.30pm on Saturday, which appeared to rise into the sky and then flash green and red.

Ms James said she was home alone each time the UFO appeared but was so compelled by what she saw she listed her encounters on on a website for UK-wide UFO sightings.

'When you looked at the other stars it seemed reasonably close,' she added. 'It was a very strange occurrence.'

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