Mum shaken by roof collapse at Holt supermarket

A mum has slammed a supermarket for staying open while it undergoes a �1.25 million expansion - after a section of its new ceiling collapsed while she was shopping with her young son.

Amanda Ng was in the aisles of Budgen's in Holt with her 12-year-old Oscar when part of the roof collapsed just inches from where they stood.

Builders have been working alongside shoppers but after her near miss Mrs Ng has slammed the supermarket for continuing to trade while the expansion is being carried out.

She said: 'I'm really cross that that predicament was allowed to arise. And that they have carried on with the shop being open when all this building is going on. They blatantly should have shut it.'

Budgens and its contractors Resolution Interiors said no one was hurt in the collapse, which has since been investigated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and measures have now been put in place to ensure it - or any kind of similar incident - does not happen again.

But Mrs Ng, from High Street, Mundesley, said she will not be going back to the Kerridge Way store.

She and Oscar had been making a start on their Christmas shopping when they went into Budgens last Monday.

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She said: 'There was a girl who works in Budgens talking to one of the builder guys. She said 'do we need to cordon this off?' and he said 'no, we're finished here' and as he said it the ceiling came down.

'I pushed my little boy into the shelving unit and put my arm up above me to protect me. The poor girl that works there got the brunt of it.

'I was shaking like a leaf and Oscar was crying. It really was a scary incident.'

The mum-of-five said Budgens apologised to her after she reported the accident but feared it could have been a lot worse had there been more shoppers in the aisle where the collapse took place, which she said was accessible to the public at the time.

Andy Lovell, managing director of Resolution Interiors, maintained the area was cordoned off, however and the public were protected.

'Nobody was hurt in the incident and we have put further measures in to make sure that doesn't happen again,' he added. 'The HSE have been to the store and is satisfied the incident has been dealt with.'

Michael Baker, Budgens managing director, added: 'It was most unfortunate that it happened and I know that they (Resolution) have health and safety at the foremost of their workings.

'We have had meetings with the contractors and their health and safety department and have explained in words of one syllable what we're expecting.'

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