Mulbarton schoolchildren plant 130m of hedging

Almost 650 saplings were planted by south Norfolk schoolchildren in the first stage of creating a community play area.

About 20 youngsters from Mulbarton Junior School rolled up their sleeves this week to plant 130m of young hedging in a meadow off Cuckoofield Lane in the village, near Wymondham.

The freshly penned-off area will form a new playground, being organised by Mulbarton Parish Council, which should begin construction in the new year.

Sections of the meadow have also been allocated for allotments and as a space for dog walkers.

Resident Rod Barker, the village's tree warden, who ordered the hedging plants from South Norfolk Council, said: 'We planted 130m of hedging, so they did very, very well. It was all beech trees planted around what is going to be a children's play area for 10 to 14-year-olds that should be started in mid-January.

'We thought if we get the children involved from the school they could sort of identify with it and feel like they had done something and they absolutely loved it.'