MP praises Hopton drugs find woman and law enforcement agencies

Brandon Lewis MP is pleased �50m worth of cocaine will not hit the streets of this country

Brandon Lewis MP is pleased �50m worth of cocaine will not hit the streets of this country - Credit: Archant

The MP for Great Yarmouth has praised the woman whose tip-off led to a major drugs find on the Norfolk coast.

Brandon Lewis, who also has governmental responsibility for the police, said the dog walker had provided a 'great service to the community' after reporting what she believed to be fly-tipped rubbish on Hopton beach that turned out to be the major part of a £50m cocaine haul.

Mr Lewis also expressed his delight that the massive haul had not made it way onto the nation's streets and was now in the hands of the National Crime Agency, which is leading the major investigation.

He said: 'First of all the general message is that these drugs are not on the streets and can not be used in this country - that is a good thing for the country.

'Thank you to the person who alerted the authorities. It was a great service to the community. We rely on members of the public having the sense to contact the authorities or police if they suspect something is wrong.'

Mr Brandon praised the quick actions and 'good work' of the National Crime Agency, Border Force and Norfolk police in finding and removing all the washed up cocaine.

But he warned that all law enforcement agencies need to match the activities of criminals who are using new technology or more ingenious methods of committing crime.

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He said: 'Crime is continually changing, look at cyber crime and cyber fraud. They are looking for new ways of innovation to use to help them commit crime.

'The challenge we face is to keep working together to make sure these new methods are shut down.'

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