MP Norman Lamb to hold a meeting to discuss wind farm infrastructure in Norfolk

Norman Lamb. Pic: Liberal Democrats.

Norman Lamb. Pic: Liberal Democrats. - Credit: Liberal Democrats

North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb is to hold a meeting with Norfolk residents tonight to give them the chance to express their views on wind farms proposed by Swedish energy company Vattenfall.

The company is behind plans for two of the country's largest wind farm projects, named Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas and both could have a significant impact on the region.

Infrastructure for these projects will begin south of Happisburgh and stretch across the region to a substation that will be built near Necton, in Swaffham.

Mr Lamb will chair the meeting and representatives from Vattenfall will attend along with councillors from the area.

Many residents have been concerned by the possibility that the wind farms will use an energy transmission process called high voltage alternating current (HVAC), which requires relay stations built inland and a large amount of underground cables.

The other option would be to use high voltage, direct current (HVDC), which comes at a greater cost to the company but does not require relay stations and involves substantially fewer cables.

Mr Lamb's office manager and Norfolk County Councillor, Edward Maxfield, said: 'We are aware that there is particular concern about the impact of the relay stations that are planned if the HVAC route is taken.

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'These are large industrial structures and it is understandable that people living in the area are concerned about them being sited in a quiet rural area.'

Beverly Wigg, a member of relay station campaign group N2RS, spoke of the impact if the HVAC option goes ahead.

'East Ruston and Ridlington are implicated at the moment, unless Vattenfall opt for HVDC technology, which will ensure relay stations aren't required and that the cable route works are less disruptive,' she said.

'There is concern about tourism, wildlife, landscape blighting, noise and in the case of the East Ruston sites the loss of a local amenity which is popular with walkers, horse riders and nature lovers.'

'If Vattenfall and future developers are forced to look harder at more landscape friendly HVDC technology it is a win, win for nearly everyone.'

The meeting will be at the Witton and Ridlington Village Hall on Thursday, August 24, at 7pm.