Motorcyclist caught on camera doing 132mph is banned for six months

Pawel Lewinski at Norwich Magistrates' Court.
Picture: ARCHANT

Pawel Lewinski at Norwich Magistrates' Court. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

A motorcyclist caught speeding at more than 130mph on the A140 in Norfolk was called a 'fool' by a magistrate as he was banned from the road.

Pawel Lewinski, 36, set off a speed camera while riding his Kawasaki motorbike at 132mph on the A140 at Scole, where the speed limit is 70mph.

Mr Lewinski, of Wordsworth Road, Diss, appeared at Norwich Magistrates' Court for a disqualification to be considered.

He admitted the offence, which happened on August 18 last year, at a previous hearing.

Lewinski, who represented himself in court, said he was 'sorry' but did not ride the bike very often, adding it was 'so easy' to speed on a bike.

He said: 'I just sat on the bike and pulled the throttle.'

The defendant, who also admitted an offence of driving while otherwise in accordance with a licence, said he worked in engineering and needed his licence to drive to work.

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Disqualifying him from driving for six months Paul Allen, chairman of the bench of magistrates, said: 'You have been a fool to say the least and this speed is wholly unacceptable.

'You've indicated that you don't ride the bike very often, you opened the throttle and it goes. 132mph is wholly unacceptable on any road in any part of this country.

'It might be acceptable on German autobahns but is certainly not acceptable in this country.'

He was also fined £320, ordered to pay £85 costs and a £32 victim surcharge.

Before he left court Lewinski, a Polish national, asked magistrates if he could drive abroad.

He was told he was banned and the authorities overseas would likely be informed.

In January this year Simon Anthony was banned from driving for a year after he was caught riding his BMW bike at 160mph on the A47 at Thorney on August 14 last year.

Anthony, 57, of Peterborough, was also ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and fined £400 when he appeared at Cambridge Crown Court for sentence.

In November last year Simon Hackett, 45, was banned for 60 days after he admitted riding his Honda CBR motorbike at 142mph on the A47 at Terrington St John. Hackett, of Wisbech, was also fined £250 following the incident last August.