Mother appeals for help for Norwich science day

After leaving school without her qualifications, Jessica Suter has just finished her science degree,

After leaving school without her qualifications, Jessica Suter has just finished her science degree, studying from home. She is celebrating by holding an event for the British science association.Byline: Sonya DuncanCopyright: Archant 2016 - Credit: Sonya Duncan

A mother planning to run a science day at Eaton Park next year has launched a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the event.

Jessica Suter said she had expected to be granted £500 from the British Science Association to pay for the day, and was shocked when her application for the March 11 event was turned down.

Miss Suter, 25, from St James Close, said: 'It was quite a shock to have been turned down for the grant, but in a sense, it is also very positive that there was such a demand for community grants in Britain. With the success and support from the local and scientific community, I can't let the event go into the shadows.

'Being a student mum, I am going to be contributing as much as I am able to but I am having to look to my community to help me raise the rest.'

The mother-of-two said she wanted to host the event to show that people of all backgrounds could get into science. It should take place during British Science Week and would feature groups including the Norwich Fitness Club and the RSPB running science-themed games and activities, mainly aimed at children.

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Miss Suter said: 'Equality and diversity is something that I strive for and being someone with an undesirable academic background and from a low socio-economic background who has managed to make it into science I can't stress enough the importance of good solid advice and self-trust. It is through Eaton Park Science Day that I will be able to truly promote the fact that people from all walks of life are welcome into the field of science and actively encouraged by those who are established in the field.

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